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Maryland Student Hockey League Headlines

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Our scoring system. Use this link to update your roster and add/change games. Remember, non conference games are now "Exhibition" games when you add them.

Current MSHL Suspension List

For 2023-24 Season.

Our points are 
3 win in regulation
2 points OT win
1.5 points tie
1 point OT loss
0 points regulation loss

Unfortunately, GameSheet can't handle 1.5 points.  Therefore, all the points are doubled (6,4,3,2,0).  Winning % is still the same.

GameSheet Day of Game Procedures

Now that the entire MSHL is using GameSheet to score our games, it makes sense to standardize procedures:

  • You need an iPad running iOS 12 or better.  It needs internet connectivity to download the game and upload the game results.
  • If you're at a rink that does not have internet (Navy), download the game before you get to the rink. 
  • After you open the GameSheet app on your iPad, tap +New Game in the top right corner of your screen.  Tap  on your game.
  • Tap on Game Details.  Make sure the start time is correct.  Enter the name of the scorekeeper and phone number.  This will enable the league to contact you if we have any questions.
  • Before the game:
    • Give the iPad to the Visiting Coach.  The coach will verify the lineup, indicate the starting goaltender, and sign his/her name.
    • Give the iPad to the Home Coach.  The coach will verify the lineup, indicate the starting goaltender, and sign his/her name.
  • Score the game as it happens. 
  • Once the game is over, give the iPad to the referees.  They will enter their names and sign their names.  They will also lock the game to prevent changes.  If there were incidents, they will add a note.

Once the referees are done, find a place at the rink with an internet connection and upload the game.
There are 4 columns that will help you:

  • Off -- The clock time when the penalty is imposed
  • Start -- The clock time when the penalty actually starts
  • End -- The clock time when the penalty ends
  • SB -- (Served By) Normally this is the same as the player who receives the penalty, but when a penalized player needs a "caddy", the number of the player serving the timed penalty is entered here.

When a player receives 2 minor penalties, the start time for the 2nd minor is the same time when the first minor ends.  If a player receives 2 + 10, the misconduct starts when the minor penalty expires.


Thank you!