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Scoresheet Instructions

Paper scoresheet
On-Line scoresheet   (go a few pages deep in the instructions on how to).

Before the game starts, check the players rostered on the sheet vs. the players on the ice.  If a team has 14 players rostered but 15 on the ice, get the missing player on the game roster before the puck is dropped.  Players who are not in uniform should be scratched before the game.

If a player is playing in the game and is not on the scoresheet, notify the referee immediately at the next stoppage of play.

If the referee gives you a number for a player who is not on the scoresheet, beep the horn before the puck is dropped and tell the referee that number does not exist.  The referee should give you the correct number or if the number is correct, and the player is not on the scoresheet, then the player may be added but the team will be subject to a minor penalty.

If a team submits the wrong roster sticker - once the puck is dropped the roster is locked.  See above for the procedures to correct missing players.

Once the game is over, scan the scoresheet with your phone (the MSHL uses both CamScanner and Scanbot) and email the PDF, not JPEG, to mshlcommish(at) when you get a good cell phone signal or reliable WiFi signal.

Sports Engine Instructions

Instructions on how to access the MSHL web site, how to do things, including entering your schedule and scores. UPDATED 9/15/17 to reflect new instructions on how to load the roster spreadsheet.